Excellent cuisine, friendly service staff, and unique arrangements create a unique atmosphere, and provide an unforgettable experience of taste and aesthetic.

Air-conditioned  JB restaurant and Fireplace room, can receive up to 120 guests. we have also an air-conditioned conference and banqueting rooms “Oliwkowa” for 50 people.

With exquisite cuisine, pleasant to use, as well as an exceptional arrangement we strive to create a unique atmosphere, and provide unforgettable taste and aesthetic.

The restaurant is open every day from 7:00 to 24:00. *

  • The exceptions are weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in the low season until the end of April, then the restaurant is open until 22:00.
  • We accept the last order half an hour before closing the restaurant.

First of all, Taste

We have to have sure to one. That our dishes are made from fresh products. Second we want to know that they’re good quality, natural, mature and original.

Third is most important. Every chef will do them with high quality standards of cooking with a little bit of own fantasy.

Than we can say with honest, that our dishes are really good.

Vision. The truth is that first we’re eating by eyes.

Drop of aceto balsamico on most proper place on the plate, granule of pomegranate fruit for contrast, smelling coriander leaves make our dish small work of art.

For this nice decor, darken evening time light and always new, beautiful decorations.

It is made more nicely.

Sense. Fragrance and aroma

Smell of fresh flowers, aroma of coffe, smell of the dish- that way we want to say Good morning “to You.

From 7 in the morning, when sense of smell is sharpened till 12 in the evening in the restaurant you can smell good brandy and cigar.


As independently functioning sense reportedly doesn’t exist it is only an imagination.

So, please, imagine , that emotion from banqueting in our restaurant we make up by greatest lamp of wine in warm and blissfully at light of fireplace.

Hearing… and quiet music plays in background…

Our guests can find in restauration of Górski Hotel unique mood equal for business meetings in common bunch supper as well as to two.

Attendance will add any efforts in order to alleviate most requiring taste.