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Restaurant Menu





Scrambled eggs with ham or bacon, bread and butter     12pln


Fried eggs, with ham or bacon, bread and butter  12pln


Eggs Vienna style (soft-boiled served in glass), bread and butter  12 pln


Omelette with accessories to choose from (jam, ham, mushrooms with onion, cheese)                15pln


Breakfast Buffet    25pln



Cold appetizers



Baltic herring served on tatar sauce (bread, butter) 18pln


Traditional beef tartare with additions to your own composition   28pln


Beef carpaccio with rucola and parmesan    28pln



Hot appetizers


Tortilla with vegetables and chicken sirloin   19 pln


Traditional Polish dumplings with meat sprinkled served on mushroom sauce                   19pln


Crunchy king prawns served with toast with garlic butter    39pln






Traditional Polish broth boiled with chicken and beef   14pln


Tomato cream soup with a hint of basil   14pln


Sour soup on boletus with white sausage and egg   16pln






Salad with grilled chicken, dried tomatoes, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds    26pln


Salad with camembert cheese, rucola and roasted almonds                      24pln


Salad with tuna, vegetables, olives, boiled egg and vinaigrette                      26pln






Tagliatelle with chicken and spinach served on cream sauce       26pln


Pasta spaghetti with pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce                                    29pln




Main courses – fishes



Trout baked in foil served with boiled vegetables and potatoes   38pln


Salmon with lemon sauce served on wild rice and salad                                38pln


Fried cod fillet with French  fries and salad with sauerkraut   28pln



Main courses – meats



Grilled chicken breast with French mustard served with salad and French fries    28pln


Breaded pork chop served with fried cabbage and potatoes                              29pln


Pork tenderloin on mushroom sauce served with potato pancakes and salad               37pln


Pork neck in Old Polish style served with beetroot and potato puree                                     32pln


Half a crispy duck with beetroot salad, with roasted apples and potatoes   52pln


Beef steak on color pepper sauce served with potatoes and lettuces    72pln






Warm apple pie with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream                                                15pln


Banana in the cake with the chocolate icing with the knob of the              14pln

 vanilla ice cream


Ice cream dessert with meringue, fruit and peach mousse                              15pln




Bon Apetite